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Frequently asked questions

  • What size skips do you have?

    In Brisbane and its surrounding areas we have 4 sizes: 3 cubic meter, 4 cubic meter, 6 cubic meter & 10 cubic meter.
    On the Sunshine Coast we have 3 sizes: 4 cubic meter, 6 cubic meter & 10 cubic meter skips.

  • What is a cubic metre?

    A cubic metre is a unit of measure that is 1 meter long x 1 meter wide x 1 meter high.
    A box trailer holds approx 1 cubic meter.

  • What can I put in your skips?

    You can generally put in whatever you need to dispose of, with the following exceptions;

    • Car Tyres
    • Car Batteries
    • Asbestos (we have dedicated asbestos bins available to hire, please contact us for more information)
    • Food Scraps
    • Paints or other liquids
  • How long can I keep the skip for?

    We have 3, 5 or 7 day hire available for residential and non-account customers. For extended periods please contact the office.

  • What does the cost include?

    The cost you will be quoted is inclusive of – delivery, tipping, pick up & GST

  • How much notice do I have to give?

    We usually need about 24hrs notice for bookings, but we do recommend that for a Friday delivery, you order your skip prior to lunch time Thursday.

  • Can you put the skip on the footpath?

    Within the Brisbane City Council area, we can, so long as the skip does not obstruct pedestrian access or any pits (Telstra, Energex etc). Contact your local council for more information.

  • Can you put the skip on the road?

    We cannot obtain a permit to place the skip on the road, the home owner needs to organise a road permit with the local Council and the police, ahead of delivery.

  • Do your skips have doors?

    All of our skips are solid-sided, with no doors. This means less wear and tear, and less cost to you as a result.

  • What payment options do you have?

    We can process Eftpos, credit card or money order.

  • Do you have asbestos bins available?

    YES! just contact us when booking as we have special bins assigned for this task.

  • How long can I hire a skip for?

    We have a 7 day maximum hire. For extended periods please contact the office.