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Unique repurposing ideas from around the globe

Unique repurposing ideas from around the globe.


Brisbane based Sunshine Skips are in the business of renting skips and hauling trash for people. However we love our environment, so we commend these individuals for thinking outside the box and putting their trash to good use.

If you have some awesome ideas or things around your home that you have repurposed let us know, send us a snapshot and we will feature you on our website and give you a discount on your next skip hire.




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These spanners make for great pot plant holders, coat and hat hooks or even a garden hose holder.





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Speaking of potted plants, used kitchen containers look great for small potted plants and can be placed in the kitchen or on kitchen window sills.





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Forks have many repurposing uses, this is a great idea for picture frame holders or party/wedding seat cards or even business cards in the office. Other uses can include hat and coat hooks, like the spanners.


trampoline garden lounge



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This trampoline along with a tent has been recycled into a lovely romantic outdoor lounge/bed suite. Or perhaps just a bouncy cubby house for the kids…





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The look of old books is without equal, these shelves look so good. However I think the braces could be a little more elegant. Check out this next piece, I assume this is in a library somewhere.




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However it almost looks like it could be in somebody’s home. Personally I’d love a desk like this in my home.




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Here’s one for the girls, the feet are made from simple little screw in hooks and beads. I really like this one, very simple and would look great even without the feet.




Source – Farmer’s Pal

Great addition for the barbecue area. Not much else needs to be said that hasn’t already been said about the above… the same goes for the next image below. I think the owner of this piece has been waiting on some email for quite some time now, I don’t think he understands the concept too well… oh well I’m sure someone will let him know.





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