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Asbestos Removal Bins Brisbane

Are you a contractor/builder/handyman looking for cheap Asbestos removal from site? We can help with our specially designated Skip Bins.

Asbestos is a highly toxic and dangerous substance which was used in old buildings. It looks similar to Gyprock (plaster-board) and the dust is inhaled via the lungs and pores of the human body causing toxicity and long term it can develop into lung cancer or other cancers, so it’s highly advisable to dispose of the asbestos waste in a manner that can’t come into contact with the public. Be sure to use appropriate breathing masks when dealing with asbestos. Sunshine Skips Asbestos bins are the perfect solution to removing asbestos from site. We take care of the hassle and are government approved.


While we don’t offer the manpower needed to physically remove asbestos from buildings and homes, however we can remove asbestos from location using our special asbestos bins and dispose of the waste in government and council approved ways. Typically this service is one for contractors to use, although some people may need us to find a contractor for them. We can help in that regard as well, simply let us know on the contact page and we will get back to you with our recommendations.