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Sunshine Skips is a locally owned business operating from Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We service all areas from Sunshine Coast, out to Toowoomba, back down to Logan and everywhere in between.

It is always recommended that you get several estimates when needing to contract a skip bin service. Rates and requirements vary from company to company. Taking a little extra time for fact finding will allow you to get the service most suitable for your needs while also getting the best possible price.

Some customers are also interested in companies that recycle. If this is important to you, be sure to ask. Getting recommendations from friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family is always a good idea when possible.

If you need to dispose of hazardous material you will need to check with your local municipality and see what the laws and regulations are for doing so. It is also necessary to ask the skip bin service if they are licensed and provide disposal services for such items or not. Things like mattresses, batteries, some chemicals, asbestos, tires and even a refrigerator are among the items included as hazardous waste.

Technology Increases The Ease Of Finding A Quality Skip Bin Service
Because of the internet, it has never been faster or easier to find a good service and check customer ratings to help make the decision. Often a quote can be given very quickly and questions can be answered. With many companies, it is still possible to talk to an actual person as well.

Questions You Should Ask The Skip Bin

Is your company properly insured? All legitimate Skip Bin companies are licensed and insured.

Is the quoted price guaranteed to be the final price? The price is an estimate. Often it is the final price, but because additional cost may need to be applied, it is not guaranteed to be the final price you must pay.

Is it necessary to be there for pick up or delivery? Usually, the needed information is gathered at the time you make the arrangements. Since the company has the needed information, it is seldom necessary to be there at the time of pick-up or delivery.

Who decides where the skip bin is placed? Usually, you can tell the company where you want it. If for any reason they can not place it there they will contact you and arrange for the next best suitable placement.

What is the time frame I must finish using the skip bin? There are usually no specific time frames on how long you can use the bin as long as you didn’t put any in the agreement when making arrangements with the company.

How do I pay for the skip bin? Fortunately, most companies have a range of methods you can use to pay for the service. You can make appropriate arrangements with the company on how you should be notified of cost and payment methods.

How much can I keep in the bin? Not over-filling the skip bin is important to ensure there are no additional charges for doing so. There is a line in the bin. The rubbish should not exceed past the full line.

Can I use a bin by a nature strip? When nature strips are next to a property it is necessary to secure proper permits to allow the skip bin to be placed there.

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