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Skip Bins Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Skip Bins Servicing all Sunshine Coast areas.

Sunshine Coast Skip Bins


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Postcodes we service”

Brisbane and suburbs 4000-4209
Gold Coast 4210-4299
Goodna/Booval/Ipswich/Boonah/Lockyer Valley 4300-4349
Strathpine/Caboolture/Sunshine Coast 4500-4601


The Sunshine Coast contains a number of urban centres, each with a contiguous urban area and a central business district, which for planning and amenity purposes are maintained on separate plans by the Regional Council and treated as discrete sub-regions by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. They are:

Caloundra 4551
Kawana 4701
Maroochydore 4558
Buderim 4556
Coolum 4573
Nambour 4560
Noosa 4565, 4566, 4567




History of Skip Bins


There is not much information online about the history of skip bins. However, these bins have been used for many years in different parts of the world. They are commonly used in holding open top loads in demolition and construction of waste. This waste includes debris from sites where buildings are being demolished or renovated. These bins are also used in a wide array of cleaning-out tasks that require taking away of materials. Factories that produce waste materials such as scrap metals use them to carry them to recycling fields or landfills.

Generally, history of skip bins is somehow murky. There are people who say that they originated in United Kingdom at around 1970. Richard Biffa is associated with their use. He introduced them to his business that dealt in waste management. Since their introduction in waste management through this firm, their usage has spread to different parts of the world. They are used by different companies to remove hard and heavy materials. As such, they are usually made using a heavy metal with a distinctive shape. Skip bins have a longitudinal cross-section that gives it a look of two trapezoids sitting on one another. They are also large to enable them remove bulk rubbish loads from factories and construction sites.
Shape of skip bins make it possible for them to be used for other purpose apart from rubbish removal. Available history of these bins indicates that they have been used as bus shelters, skate board ramps, garden beds as well as swimming pools. Nevertheless, they are generally used in waste removal. Companies that offer waste removal services use them in their operation. These companies also use them in their cleaning activities in commercial and residential properties. Skip bins provide a convenient method for disposing waste from factories and other places.
Perhaps, you may be wondering how different skip bins are from other types of bins. Basically, skip bins are easy to differentiate from other bins by their shape. Their trapezoid shape and slopping wall or flood at their ends can also be used to differentiate them. Skip bins also have two lugs that are used to attach chains. These chains make it possible for these bins to be lifted on to a truck and off. Thus, they are easily loaded on the truck at the point of waste collection and off at the point of waste disposal.
Over the years, skip bins have been improving from simple bins to more innovative products. Tough materials are being used in manufacturing modern skip bins to make them durable. This makes modern skip bins capable of withstanding rough use into which they are put by laborers and tradesmen. Their sizes vary from two cubic meters to eighteen cubic meters. They have a capacity of up to ten tons of waste. Special cranes or Lorries are used in picking and depositing them. In some construction sites, skip bins are used in supplying building materials then removing waste later on.

In some depots Sunshine Skips uses 2 cubic meter skip bins, but in most of our Brisbane skip depots 3 cubic meters is the smallest.

waste removal brisbane dumpster

In the United States of America they are typically referred to as “dumpsters”. The word “dumpster”, first used commercially in 1936, came from the Dempster-Dumpster system of mechanically loading the contents of standardized containers onto garbage trucks, which was patented by Dempster Brothers in 1937. However dumpsters and skip bins vary in design from closed top containers that are emptied into garbage disposal trucks to open top containers that are taken away when full. That is the history of skip bins, and we do Skip bins Sunshine Coast.